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So after reading a bit, I noticed that KDE had the ability to have a system tray thing like Windows which is probably 1 of the biggest thing that I miss from Windows besides the ShareX software :rofl:.

I see from the linked post above that it's possible to switch to KDE but I don't know if I should or not, will it break anything. My setup is fairly new.

My recommendation is to install separately either Tuxedo OS or Kubuntu in order to get a good KDE experience. If you do that now on Zorin 16.3, you will get a very much older version of Plasma.

The nice part about Tuxedo OS is that has the newest kernel, a quasi rolling release of the newest Plasma desktop environment, and a stable Ubuntu 22.04 LTS base. Very much like KDE Neon but more stable. It comes with Flatpaks by default and no Snaps.

Up to you. Just a suggestion.

Maybe I can just wait for Zorin OS 17 where it should most likely support for newer desktop environment, right?

I'm in the same boat as the OP (sort of).
I really like Zorin, but wanted to see if the KDE desktop was more to my liking.

After changing the OS on my dual boot laptop from Win/Zorin to Win/Tux, I can say that a month of use with KDE has left me with a positive impression. I think for me, KDE is a better DE overall.

I've only had two very minor issues with the new OS. It runs very nicely, fairly easy to configure, and very stable.

I hope Zorin will someday offer as good a KDE experience. I understand they have limited resources, and their primary audience is the beginning Linux user, but I think KDE on Tux out of the box is pretty good.

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Yes and no. You will get something newer but it will still lag behind other KDE distributions even Debian.

Zorin OS lags behind the latest Ubuntu LTS by about 18 months (maybe more for Zorin 17). Zorin 16.3 is using the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS base which is about about 40 months old right now. Zorin 17 might be released guessing in November 2023 using the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS base and by that time, that base will be 19 months old. By that time KDE might be on the 6 series of KDE and the Ubuntu 22.04 base will still be on KDE 5.24 I think.

That is why Tuxedo OS is so compelling. It is stable, functional, and always mostly up-to-date. Zorin OS shines because the developers tweak and modify very much the older GNOME base desktop making it their own. You won’t get that by installing KDE on top of Zorin - it will be an older KDE without tweaks on top of Zorin which was optimized for GNOME.

If you can, install Tuxedo or Kubuntu or whatever KDE version you like on an external SSD and use it for a while. The other KDE distributions I like are Neptune OS, MX Linux, and Q4OS. All are Debian based using KDE 5.27.5 which is I think the same as the current Tuxedo OS and Kubuntu 23.04 interim release.

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