Switch Workspace Using Super + Mouse Wheel

Can i get super + mouse wheel to switch workspace in zorin os core/pro like gnome does?
i've try zorin os core, i think this feature is not available?

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Open setting/keyboard shortcuts, click on the items you wish to change, then simply use the buttons you with to be set.
Hope this helps.

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Well, it can only bind "keyboard shortcut", i want to bind "Super key of keyboard" + Mouse Wheel gesture (like gnome does in switching workspace)

You'll need a program to help.
Search in " Software " for " Hotkey ", i see a few there.
Sorry i can't recommend one, as i don't use them.
Hope you find something there to help.

One solution:
Scrolling the mouse wheel while the mouse pointer is over the Show Applications button will change the workspace.

To enable the Show Applications button:
Right-click taskbar, select "Taskbar Settings".
Select "Position" tab.
Toggle the "Visible" button for the Show Applications button.

Another solution:

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I think this is already a default, without the additional key press. The mouse wheel may change desktops, if one exists... it has been some time since I've used gnome...KDE defaults to this behavior.

I just put the cursor over Workspace Indicator and scroll. It's already installed so just turn it on.

Bonus tip: You can also scroll the volume.

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