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Switch Zorin lite 16 Plymouth to v15

I have been setting up a new graphics laptop. It is a dual systems boot - Windows and Linux. On the Linux drive I have Ubuntu Studio and Zorin lite 16 as back up and general purpose use missions. I got hooked on Zorin with version 15. I liked the Plymouth animation at start up and shut down in version 15. Are there some instructions somewhere to point out how I can switch to this older version?

My skills: I'm comfortable opening up the system as admin. I have customized exiting UI themes and Icons in the past.
So if there is an easy - pull from v15 (which I have on an old Dell D series laptop) and drop into v16 system with no harm or fowl (backing up original v16 Plymouth theme) - that would be great!
Just seriously pressed for time. In mean Time I will tinker when I can, but if someone has already done this - let me know.

P.s to the Zorin team: looking forward to putting the new version through its paces.
I am a huge fan of light weight, and speedy desktops. You guys have put a strong "mark" with the styling of XFCE. Have mostly used XFCE (if enlightenment weren't so frustrating at times ...it might be a toss up between them - E having the huge advantage in low overhead), and love the look you guys applied.

Hello uberzilla,

I believe in this tread you will kinda find what you're looking for.


Awesome - thanks!

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