Possible to get the 15.3 splash screen on 16

Personally I really liked the splash screen on Zorin 15.3 where the word Zorin rolled onto the screen. In 16 for me it's the HP logo in the middle abd right below it the Zorin logo.

Is there a way to get the old one back?

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Yes. I prefer the old one, too. So, I replace it. There are two methods. One contains an annoyance and one does not.
The method that contains an annoyance is to install

sudo apt install plymouth-theme-zorin-logo_2.2

Then use apt-mark hold command to lock it down. The annoyance is that the updates will offer the newer package everytime you run updates.

The other method is by far more basal.
Download plymouth-theme-zorin-logo_2.2 and extract it.
Elevate file manager to root and navigate to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/zorin-logo and... select all and remove the contents. Empty it.
Then, navigate to the zorin-logo directory you extracted and copy all those contents into /usr/share/plymouth/themes/zorin-logo

Run sudo update-grub in terminal when finished. This method will not pester you to install the latest version because as far as it knows, you have it.

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Ok sweet. Thanks for that. I'll have a go at it once I've got an SSD and installed 16 on that

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Got my SSD today and followed the second method and everything works like a charm. Thanks for your help

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