Switched to XCFE in Core and I have a couple questions

I recently installed XCFE on my Zorin Core system. I have two questions...

  1. How do I switch back and forth between XCFE and GNOME? I don't see any choice when I log in or boot up.

  2. Since switching to XCFE, my mouse pad scrolling (dragging two fingers up and down) seems to work in opposite direction from what I am used to. When I drag down, the window moves up and when I drag up the window moves down. Is there a was to set this behavior?

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Not sure about this but should be the gear button that you see on low right corner during login screen, when I click it I can choose between Zorin Desktop or Zorin on Wayland, you should see your options.

Probably it's Natural Scrolling option, check it on Settings > Mouse and Touchpad > under Touchpad title.



The button for switching icons is actually up in the upper right corner of the screen. Interestingly I had 4 options after installing XCFE. I had XCEF, Zorin Lite Desktop, Zorin Desktop, and Zorin on Wayland. I'm not sure what the difference is between XCFE and Zorin Lite Desktop is. They looked exactly alike to me but I didn't spend much time in the XCFE environment. I assume Zorin Lite Desktop is an enhanced version of XCFE.

For the scrolling issue, there is actually a checkbox labeled Reverse Scroll Direction. I'm not sure how I missed that the first time. :slight_smile:


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