Switching to Zorin OS from Windows

Hello Everyone! I am so fascinating about the Zorin OS I am Windows user and thinking to switch to Zorin OS Linux, I’m very curious to use this linux distro reason of switching from Windows is windows is so frustrating and too many bloatware with slow speed, I am basic user just want to use Web based applications and office suite do you think is good idea to switch to linux and I am thinking to get Pro version for myself please guide.

Here is my system specs
Surface 3
1.6-GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor, 4GB of RAM

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Welcome! :smile:

You could always try the free editions of Lite or Core first! :wink: That way, you can see if there are any boot issues or hardware incompatibilities. I did see some custom kernel for Surface 3's but, with another Ubuntu based distro so, I'm fairly sure it will boot. Having a touchscreen though, I think Core would be a good one to try first. I always try both though, just to see which works better :smirk:

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You will indeed need the Linux Kernel for Surface 3:

Remember, the Surface was built specifically for Microsoft.


Changing anything requires patience, understanding that you will be learning something new and it will take time. No one uses one thing for years and changes it without a learning curve or some hardships.

If Linux intrigues you, and you want to make the change, understand that you won't use it like windows at the beginning. Some of the things you learned in windows is transferable, but some features you are used to will not be there.

The fact that you are coming to Linux on MS hardware, know it will cause you issues.

The kernel, mentioned previously in this thread, is the software layer that interacts with the hardware and makes it possible for the Desktop Environment to do for you what you ask of it. You would need a custom kernel for that hardware (surface).

If you're ready to learn, can type and follow directions, and want to move a little further from basic user to a more power user role, then I'd say go for it.

If you aren't interested in learning, don't want to take the time and get frustrated easily, then no, i don't think you should change. If you change to anything, maybe you should go with apple. Even there, though, there will be a learning curve.

I look forward to see what you decide and if Linux is for you.