Switching to Zorin

Hello All,

I am a beginning user, I switched to mint OS and didnt like it at all. I'd like to switch back. Is their a way of installing zorin os from mint os?

Joshua W


Best to install Zorin OS 16 from scratch.

You could install Zorin OS Desktop Over Mint and switch to it, that is always an option. But at its core, it won't really be Zorin.

Plus, I would not expect the same performance doing it Zorin Desktop over Mint, vs true Zorin installation.

I am not surprised you don't like Mint. I don't like it either, except in my tea, mint is good in tea :yum:

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I dont like Mint, its fast good etc... But os very very Ugly layout.

Zorin is the TOP of my choise....burn a pen with Zorin....and get off this Mint :wink:


Mint is ok, second best Ubuntu based distro after Zorin.

It has great devs, community and cinnamon can be customized really well.

But Zorin is more polished, better with modern look.


I second that.
My main desktop is running Zorin and my second desktop is running Mint.


Yes it's a good distro i agree, but the layout for me is poor, comparing to zorin or other distros.

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Layout is very configurable. Linux Mint also comes with XFCE desktop.
Not trying to push people to other distros...:stuck_out_tongue: Just pointing out that if you find an interface "ugly" (not to your liking), it is often just a difference in themes and easily changed.
Otherwise, it is a difference in configuration settings. Distros should be chosen based on features and performance, not based on looks- since looks are so very easily changed by the user.

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I read the question two ways.

  1. Can I install Zorin over Mint.
  2. How do I install Zorin from Mint.

Which way did you mean?


I agree that you can configure, but why waste time if Zorin give all you want :D:D

Some day i will install mint again and change the layout....


The community is by far great...they have a lot to learn to be friendly and more helpful

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I first tried Kodachi based on features and performance, and though it was really cool for privacy and anonymity, the interface and menus were so tough to interact with, which dropped the overall usability of it imo. Zorin makes linux look beautiful and that's what sold me at least!

Now if only Kodachi and Zorin had a software baby... :face_with_monocle:

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I got the same, when zorin os 16 launched i saw somewhere on the net news about it. So i downloaded a linux distro again after 7-8 years and i felt in love with zorin. Now zorin is my daily os, got the games to work that i used to play on windows. Windows 10 got booted 3 times for small things and switched back to zorin os haha.

Who needs windows when you have zorin os :joy:.

I am also very surprised in the way linux handles gaming. In the past i had trouble running new games. With zorin os i managed to get cyberpunk 2077 and mass effect legendary edition to run under lutris.


Gaming is indeed getting better on Linux. Were soon to see DLSS and RTX support on Linux, although games are slow to adopt it for us, but its supposedly just around the corner for us to utilize. Once you have DLSS support, you can run AAA games on mid-range computer's with higher graphics without suffering performance drops too much.

The only games I have never been able to run on Linux, are games which have DRM, there is just no way around that. Not even Steamplay Proton can fix that issue, and the developers of the games never have any interest in fixing that.

Its like come on, once a game is 10-years old, your not making bank on it anymore anyways, so why don't you remove the DRM and make it fair use for everyone? Ohhhhhh no, we must extract every last dollar we possibly can from our games cause GREED.

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If you own them legally why not use a "crack" ? Also did you try lutris and the runners ???

Those don't work, tried, didn't help.

I have used Lutris, only game I got installed for it is Alien Trilogy which uses Dosbox in Lutris. But I don't think you can use Lutris to launch Steam games though.

Did you try the runners in lutris ? I got mass effect legendary edition to work and cyberpunk 2077

I guess I meant can I? And if so, how? But I want it to be a clean install not strange minty/zorin hybrid baby.

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Good to know. I’ll take ur advise and do a clean install.

Damn. This was way bigger than I thought it would be.

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And thats what she said! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: