Synaptic orphan filter

forgive me if this has already been posted.
install deborphan
install synaptic
go to settings-filters-new
call it orphans
deselect all
select orphaned
whatever appears is an orphan and can be removed.

EDIT: Please note, Aravisian, made an important recommendation to check/verify the file to be removed before doing so. Please see posts below.


Thanks for this tip!
I was surprised to find 3 orphans on my system which is less than one month old with this filter method.

I found the above tip in a a website suggesting 10 or so things to do after installing UBUNTU. They were simple improvements that helped save hard drive space. I have a 32GB emmc for hard drive and am interested in saving as much room as possible. The suggestions were posted for UBUNTU several versions ago. I tried to find the old website but there seems to be so many nowadays that I feel I will be looking a long time.

Edit: This is the only one I remember.

A mild word of caution: Discriminate what you select for removal with this method. The way deborphan works, it checks only libs and libs-old to check if any currently installed packages depend on those libraries. Running this on mine, it included several Default Pacakges included with Zorin that while I currently have nothing that depends on them, I will should I try to install certain common hardware or software. For example libraries for SANE which any user will need when they try to install a Printer / Scanner as evidenced in this thread here (where the user really had no clues given to troubleshoot at first):

It also listed libraries for WNCK and qt5-style-plugins; which I would have to reinstall if I install certain gtk2 or QT apps later on down the road. It listed Libu2f-udev which I would need for certain hardware, though I do not have that hardware now.

This is a Great Tip, czubek. But just a general point; check each item for what it is needed for instead of just removing without question. (And avoid gtkorphan GUI Tool!)


Thank you Aravisian. I will use your advice. Hopefully anyone who reads the first part of the post will follow thru to your recommendations.

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Oops, you are right.
I clicked on "remove" without checking the nature of those files - I did not read :scream:

Again I forgot the golden rule of "Read before you click".

Just rolled back to the last week Clonezilla image and all is OK now :slight_smile:

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Or that you could edit your original tutorial (which itself is good) and add this word of caution for those failed to scroll down :wink:


Please note, Aravisian, made an important recommendation to check/verify the file to be removed before doing so.

You can add this line to your original posting.
Just click on the pencil mark :pencil2: in your original post.
I think it is more clear that way.

sadly I cannot find the pencil/edit option. The post might be too old. From now on I will preceed all suggestions with a suitable disclaimer.

czubek, I believe you are right that the post had past the edit time allowance; but I took the unusual liberty of accessing the editor and adding the snippet for you.

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