Synaptic Package Manager Dark Mode

OK I'm either going blind or nuts but I swear my Synaptic used to be in dark mode .... but now it is a glaring white and I can find no way either on here or the net or in the program itself to turn it dark ....

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Synaptic will follow the system theme - however if you are using a theme that is in your Home directory ~/.themes but not in /usr/share/themes, then it will use the default Zorin White theme.

Any program run in ROOT, like Synaptic, must be able to access the theme in ROOT: /usr/share/themes

When you install one of my themes from the Repository, it installs to Root, /usr/share/themes

You can add your theme to root by elevating your file manager to root, then copying the theme folder from ~/.themes and pasting in /usr/share/themes

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I'm using a Cinnamon theme so I'll try adding that theme to your suggestion ...

I guess I forgot how to root my file manager which is Nemo .... I found both folders but it does nothing when I try to copy and paste ..... when I try to slide it over from split screen it says I don't have permission ..... DUH .... :roll_eyes:

In Nemo, you should be able to Right Click (on a folder or in an open area within a folder), then "Open as Root"


sudo -i



As usual you are correct and I was able to get my Synaptic to go dark ... I guess before I used themes that were already installed in /usr/share/themes ....

Thank you kind sir


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