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I finally decided to switch from W10 to Linux a few days ago. I'm very happy with Zorin OS. I only miss two things: my calendar and my contacts.
From what i saw, the only online calendar that can be sync is Google's. Is there a way to add caldav/cardav accounts to GNOME in order to have them available Zorin OS default apps (Evolve/Calendar)?

I have a google account i could use but the idea would be to get rid of Google (i use self hosted Calendar and Contact server).

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I use Thunderbird plug-in to sync my calender and contact with Google account.
I never use the built in calender/address book of Gnome but other volunteer might have a better idea.

Hi FrenchPress,

Thank you for your answer.
I finally found the way to add the calendars and contacts using Caldav/Carddav: they must be added directly in Evolution => "New" > "Calendar" > "Type: CalDAV". Proceed the same way for Contacts : "New" > "Addess Book" > "Type: CardDAV".

Once done, Contacts et Calendars will be available in other Gnome apps.

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