Synology Active Backup for Business for Linux requires labaio1. Is this possible with Zorin?

New to Zorin and running it under VirtualBox. Want to back it up using Synology's Active Backup for Business. Have done so successfully with Mint. Minimum preqs for the ABB agent are make 4.1, dkms, gcc 4.8.2 and libaio1 0.3.110. The first three are fine. I can't find libaio1. Is this all doable with Zorin, or should it not even be attempted? Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I use VM Windows and my backup strategy is copying a VM folder for Windows to the external SSD (backup) and NAS (backup of backup) manually every week or two.
For the data, I have another external SSD and do a daily backup on it.

There could be a way to automate backup with your hardware, but I have no idea. I used to use Netgear Home NAS till it reached to EOL. Since there was no more security update, I recycled its internal HDD and made OpenMediaVault.


I save in my bookmarks. :wink:


Thank you. Now I know where to look.

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