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I have a question. Is there any system sound installed in Zorin OS? If yes how can I unable that? And if no, how can I install them? Is there any way?
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Maybe have a look here:


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You could install Plasma DE (KDE) - then you can have login sound and logoff sound!

In Zorin 16 Core or Pro open startup applications and enable the login sound from there. System sounds and volume options are in sound settings for gnome. I can't offer any suggestions for Zorin Light .

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Actually I have figured that out. I'm using XFCE version so for that the method is bit different than the GNOME one.

So if someone want to enable System sound in XFCE first of all download any sound theme or you can also use the default Sound theme which is present in (file system/usr/share/sounds/Zorin)
Just copy that or the theme which you have downloaded and paste it into (Your Pc Name/.local/share/sounds). Remember that you have to enable Show hidden files by pressing Ctrl+h. And if there is no folder named sounds in share folder just create it.
Now you have to just go to settings, than settings editor which is in the bottom, than xsettings
Just scroll a bit and there you would find Net.
Now there is an option called SoundThemeName just go there, edit it, and set the value the name of your sound theme folder. That's it.
Re-start your pc and enjoy the start up sound :grin:


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