System76 laptop with Zorin OS?

In my foray into the Linux world, I seriously considered purchasing a System76 laptop with a pre-installed POP-OS destop. I was looking into the Pangolin laptop, a very nice machine wtih 32 GB ram and 1TB hard drive. I understand that the drivers are optimized for that machine with POP_OS installed, and that everything is smooth. However, I like the Zorin OS better.

I am writing this post from my old ACER Spin 5, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB HD space. The Zorin OS works well to be honest, do not see if I need all that power that the Pangolin offers me. However, I would assume that alot of my frustrations of installing Zorin and making it work would have been aleviated.

I was wondering if anybody ordered a System76 laptop and installed Zorin OS on it? What are your thoughts on my current situation? Should I order a Linux specific laptop and install Zorin?


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You can order a Linux Specific notebook that comes with Zorin OS installed.

There are actually quite a few suppliers out there, including Big Brand, that come with Zorin OS preinstalled. You select it from your custom purchase pages.
But I cannot remember them all off hand. I come across them during other searches usually, so my mind is focused on the things I was looking for...


The only unknown that I can think of quickly is the kernel on Zorin OS might be too old. Consequently, on boot-up Zorin OS won't recognize some the System 76 laptop in whole or in-part with newer components from the sound card to CPU to WiFi. Maybe the System 76 customer service representatives can answer that question to make sure it will work. That's all I can think of. Pop!_OS is a good distribution and their COSMIC layout is a nicer way to use GNOME.:vulcan_salute:

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