T14 AMD 1st gen compatability

Just a post on how well it runs on this specific piece of kit.

ThinkPad T14 AMD (first gen)

  • AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750u

  • Integrated Radeon Graphics (Renoir)

  • Wifi 6 AX200

  • 16GB Memory

USB ports work.
MicroSD works.
HDMI out works.
Camera works.

Hardware acceleration works. Dark Souls ptde under proton 5.13-6 plugged in, tlp disabled runs at a similar performance as windows. graphical glitches and hiccups appear to be proton related but it's difficult to say.

HeadPhone jack works for output not for input.

Ethernet has 2 ports, I believe this is a quirk of the hardware not Linux. Works only if ethernet was plugged in before boot. No hotswap.

OS fn keys work. vol mute, vol inc, vol dec, mute mic, inc bright, dec bright and network kill (note: network kill only kills, must manually re-enable through gui).

Could not test weird dock thing... inconclusive.
Don't own USB C device... inconclusive.

Mic light is constantly on with no relation to actual mic volume.

Built in Mic is very quiet.

Occasional temporary lock up on wake-up. I believe this is related to tlp and not the base OS. Unfortunate as tlp is pretty much a necessity as the base OS is power hungry. With tlp: 8-9 hour battery, Without tlp: 4-5 hour battery (tested with web-browsing/office work. intensive work not included).

Stutter on log in. only during actual wake-up and actual log-in, the login gui itself is responsive once it gets started.

Most of the issues I've encountered are most likely related to the use of an older LTS kernel. If you need Everything to work right away then consider a rolling release in the meantime. If you can live with the issues Zorin OS 16 works nicely enough.

Rolling release might provide more hassle than installing a new kernel from PPA.

Which gets us to the point of dual kernels - Deepin uses Debian kernel by default, but one can select a newer kernel in settings, way to go Zorin.

Also, on Renoir I had more problems on Arch than on Zorin, kernel point releases broke wake up from sleep every two weeks. va-api vas appearing and disappearing. Rolling distros are mostly poorly executed. Zero quality control. On a stable distro there might at least be SOME quality control, but it's also a rare thing (at least you can fix it once and forget it, on a rolling one you get the same errors on each update)

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