Take calls from phone on computer?

Can I use Zorin Connect to receive calls from my Android phone, basically select bluetooth then my computer?

if u main receive notification notify u that some one is calling, the answer is yes. i'm using that
if u main answering and replying the incoming calls from pc or doing calling from pc, i think zorinconnect can't do that , but there r apps do that like airdroid app, i have ever tried it.
that what i think, may others here has more knowledge they can tell us

You can use it for replying to texts. I've never tried it but if you install Linphone on your android device and on Zorin you should be able to answer calls that way but is dependent on your contacts also registering for a Linphone account. As a year ago VOIP (Voice Over IP) systems using IP phone systems could be hacked. Unsure if this would apply to Linphone.

Nice to see they mention GNU/Linux not just Linux. No GNU, no Linux.


Weird, Windows Phone Link has the functionality.

With Zorin?

The only issue I would have with that solution is the need for pulse audio packages.

I basically want the same functionality as I had before switching to Zorin.

Of course I don't really need the Windows Phone Link ability to take calls with the audio coming from my computer and speaking into my computer, but I was curious if I could do that with Zorin Connect, thought I could.

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