Tangent discussion on Wine and Crossover

@DanTheTechMan - funny; I was about to make a post asking if anyone has had experience with CrossOver on Zorin OS. How has your experience been with it on Zorin OS? Am thinking of buying a license for use on Zorin OS at a later time.

Well, since I came directly from Windows 7 (I absolutely refuse to use any newer Microsoft OS as I do not at all agree with the direction they have chosen to take) I still needed to be able to use Windows applications. I initially had Zorin OS 16.3 and CrossOver was mainly a breeze (however I had to find and use a somewhat older build of Office 365 as the newer builds rely solely on Click2Run (another poor Microsoft decision) and C2R doesn't play well with WINE. Other than that I had no complaints. However, as can be seen by my original post in this thread, after the upgrade to Zorin OS 17, Office 365 never finishes loading. The other Windows applications I've tested run fine, though. I like CrossOver because it is very up front with the compatibility and you get a good feeling before installing if your chosen application will work well or not. It also has a guided installation process and it's own application database so it's very easy to work with.

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Thank you very much. I am eyeing paying the lifetime license fee one day. It's a fair chunk of money, so I'm a bit cautious in deciding if I truly want to spend money on it. Are you doing the annual fee, or did you plunk down the whole lifetime fee?

P.S.: If I can ask, that is. Thanks again.

If I may add to this question (and recommend we move these questions and answers to a separate thread), do you notice a different between the Crossover product and Wine?

Wine is a free version of the Crossover product, so I am very curious about the differences.

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I am doing the lifetime license. FYI they offer a sale once a year (on Cyber Monday) specifically on their lifetime license.

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Crossover is based on WINE but adds some extra features and convenience.

Thanks! Yes - back to your original issue ...

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