Tapping on touchpad doesn't work on login screen

tapping on touchpad doesn't work on login screen i need to press the button on the touchpad to select something, it works fine after login even it works on lockscreen

Yes, it is normal.
I have Apple Magic Trackpad and Logitech T650.
Both require to login for tapping inputs.

does this issue appear only on zorin or linux in general ?

As far as I know it is general to Linux - at least for those distros I tried - which are Debian/Ubuntu based distros including Mint Linux, MXLinux, Zorin, and Ubuntu.

The drivers must be initialized by the Xorg Server before that function can work. Prior to that, only Basic Mouse Functions apply, which are governed by the MotherBoard programming, not the Operating System.


oh okay so it is a normal thing

That is quite logical, which makes a lot of sense. Its actually a good thing this got brought up on the forum, I can imagine many ran into this and was wondering what was wrong lol.


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