Task Bar System Icons Space Management

Does Zorin OS have a system tray minimize option like windows has? windows manages this by using an upward pointing arrow (it helps reduce the size) for the icon tray. !
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is there a way to do the same in Zorin OS also?

Short answer: No.
But you might check Gnome Extension site to see if there's an extension to Gnome.

@Storm I also want something like that, but I can't find an extension.

I know KDE has it (as I recall it).

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It does

also the space between the icons are also too much ... wasting even more taskbar space :frowning:


For adjusting the spacing there is a gnome extension Status Area Horizontal Spacing - Gnome Extensions

Mate, Cinnamon and XFCE have it- so I cannot imagine Gnome not having it.

Not able to find anything like that for gnome

That extension only applies to right side of the taskbar, says:
"Reduce the horizontal spacing between icons in the top-right status area"

The app icons are also spaced too wide for my liking, but have put up with it on Gnomeish Z15.3 Core. I assume same is true on Z16 Core.

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