Task Manager process priority allocation

Okay so the concept of task manager is somewhat familiar to me and on windows I usually allocate ‘High Priority’ CPU to my DAW. I try this in Zorin 15 Lite but I don’t have admin privileges. How do I get admin privileges so I can set my DAW to ‘High Priority’?

The Task Manager on Zorin is “Gnome System Monitor.”
You can launch this from terminal or from your app Menu.
To launch System Monitor with Root Privileges, in terminal, run:

sudo -H gnome-system-monitor

I keep getting ‘sudo: unable to resolve host gnome-system-monitor’

In terminal, enter

cat /etc/hostname

and ensure that the hostname it relays to you matches your Username. If it does not, you will need to change the hostname to match your Username.

EDIT: Also… something you might check: On Ubuntu 18.04 (Not Zorin) the default gnome-system-monitor is installed as a Snap.
You might double check if that is the case with you somehow:

snap list

If Gnome System Monitor is listed in the Snap List- it is a snap and you may need to snap remove it and then install Gnome System Monitor through APT.

Yeah, GSM wasn’t installed

Ah, well -chuckle- I am assuming you have installed it now?

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