Taskbar appears on screenshots in Zorin Desktop in Wayland

I tried playing Minetest through Zorin Desktop in Wayland and I noticed that on screenshots the taskbar appears despite I never really moved the cursor on the lower screen border to make it appear for the screenshot.

While using X11 the taskbar never appear on screenshots.

Is it a known bug?

It is, and it may be associated with the bug that freezes the panel (taskbar) when taking a cropped screenshot with intellihide enabled on Wayland.

Wayland is not a complete project and is a work in progress.

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Time to return to X11 then, I don't want to see the taskbar on my screenshot if not intentional :grin:. Do you think I can report this thing on their GitLab page? Perhaps for me it's harder to know on which component the issue depends on, because for example I play 3D games so they probably use Mesa 3D but I can't know for sure if the issue depends on Wayland, Mesa 3D or the game environment :person_shrugging:. In this case with the taskbar I was more likely to think to Wayland rather than Minetest environment since this issue happened right after switching to Wayland.

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