Taskbar disappears at higher display resolutions

I was trying to figure out why the taskbar or dash disappears. I discovered it disappears with the higher resolutions. It displays at 1280 x 960, but disappears when I use a higher resolution, e.g., 1920 x 1440. But that shouldn't be. Can somebody show me how to configure Zorin 17 so that I can see the taskbar at any screen resolution?

Are you using fractional scaling? If so, try disabling it or setting to 100% and testing.

If not using Fractional Scaling:
This may be an extension misbehaving.
Using the Zorin Settings > Extensions or Gnome Tweaks, can you disable all extensions except for the Zorin App Menu.
Then test your Display setting at a higher resolution. Check if the panel is present.
If it is, enable all extensions except for those dealing with the Taskbar - and test. Finally, check with the taskbar extensions.

I got the taskbar panel to appear vertically on the left side by clicking Taskbar Setting -> Position tab -> Panel screen position (Left). The taskbar panel seems to stay put at higher resolutions. I suppose that solves it for now, but I don't understand why it won't work when the taskbar position is Bottom.

Are you running Zorin OS in a Virtual Environment?

Yes. I was in Oracle VirtualBox. I switched to VMWare, but the same thing seems to happen.

Is there a setting like in virt-manager, to view full screen? I only ask this as when I was working and had to use Windows 8.1 Pro as a VM, the panel would not show unless: VM display was;

a) set to be scaled always
b) set to full screen

I will post screenshot later.

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Sorry for the delay, this is whilst using virt-manager as an example:

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