Taskbar (GNOME Tray icons) on the second monitor


Well, this is my first OP topic here. Yes, I'm also "new" to Linux (I've used several distros on and off for years, but now I'm sticking to it, and Zorin OS is a big help on achieving this).

I'm enjoying running Zorin Pro, with the Appearance similar to Windows 10 (horizontal taksbar, stacked to the left with traybar icons to the right).

I'm running a bunch of Gnome extensions and they sit nicely on my taskbar, stacked to the right.

I've unsuccessfully tried to find a way to send the traybar icons to my second monitor (to my right) so I can enjoy more real state in the taskbar on my first (primary) monitor (to my left). Using the Taskbar Settings on Zorin, I can duplicate the OS tray icons (Desktop button, Date menu, and System menu) in my second monitor, but I can only toggle visibility of the Right box or Center box on my first monitor. I would like to send all of them to my second monitor.

Anyone knows how to tame this?


Before we can offer you help, could you please tell us which version/edition of Zorin you are using?

Zorin comes with 2 different desktops (GNOME and XFCE).
Each of them requires a different solution.

I edited the title of the thread and changed the category for clarification and to attract more helps.

Thanks, FrenchPress.

I'm using Zorin Pro, GNOME desktop.

I was easily able to mimic the taskbar in the second monitor, that's not a problem. My question was if it was possible to limit the "right box" (where the Gnome Extensions place their trayicons) to be visible only in the second monitor.

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That I have no idea.
I ask @Aravisian - he might have a better idea.

No idea. I tried playing with the new taskbar settings and buttons ended up all over the place. I hit the move down and move up... I must have panicked because before long, buttons were hanging from the ceiling fan and one got into the fridge.
I closed Gnome out, logged into XFCE and I am too frightened to go back in.

It's scary in there.

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That I was afraid of.

@dariomartinezb, you might want to consider installing XFCE desktop for more customization option. GNOME desktop is extremely inflexible.

(you can do this in Pro edition as well)

Hahahaha, I can relate to that feeling... But in this case, I think it's safe to experiment. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Well, I want to stay in GNOME, as it's the desktop I know best. I tried KDE and yes, it's very customizable, but I appreciate the consistency that Zorin (and Pop! OS before) have on GNOME. I might try XFCE in a VM to test the waters before jumping in "for real".

Thanks all. Let's say it's "to be continued".


I removed "solved" mark to attract more volunteers to pitch in. I think it is better to leave the thread open.