TaskBar lost icons, Zorin OS Core

Hello everyone!

Notice that the taskbar lost the icons.
That is to say that they are no longer visible and I did not remove them. The lost icons are the browser, the app store and the search folder, the default ones.

And on the other hand, when I minimize a program, I can't see it in the taskbar either, however, when I search for it with alt+tab I can see it.

Can you help me to recover the usual function of the taskbar?
Thanks in advance!!!

I assume you have restarted the computer since this started?

I would also try changing to a different layout and then changing back.


Right click the taskbar, select " taskbar settings",
Goto the "Behavior" TAB & make sure you have the "Show favourites" enabled.
Hope this helps.


I second the question about having switched layouts.

I agree. This usually helps.

Check if these containers are set to visible on taskbar customization.

ello friend roll...!

Notice that even rebooting the pc does the same thing.
Since I installed the Distro, I have not changed the design or theme, I will search, I will try.

Open the Zorin Appearance application and switch to a different Layout than you are using and then switch back to the one you want to use.

If that does not work try switching to the opposite Zorin theme (if you are using dark switch to light)

That should refresh a lot of things in the background and hopefully solve the issue

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You might also just try

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

in case during a previous software removal, you removed the Desktop Dependencies.

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Hello everyone, dear friends!

Thank you all for taking the time to respond!

I tried the different alternatives which you proposed.

I guess there will be another alternative since the problem was not solved.
I guess maybe the system has a code damage, I don't know.

You may need to back up personal data and reinstall Zorin OS...

Hello my dear friend Aravisian!

I agree with you. Notice that even when I have added some applications to the taskbar, they eventually end up disappearing.
I guess some section of the operating system was damaged.
Thanks for your words and have a great time!

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