Taskbar Not Registering Touchscreen Events Properly

My touchscreen on my HP x360 ed0023dx convertible works fine except for the taskbar.

If I tap an app in the taskbar it doesn't open it.
If I hold then it will act like a right-click and I can click the window instance or quit etc.
If I click the search box in the menu, instead of opening the on-screen keyboard it will close the taskbar.
If I click "All apps" and try to scroll down, it will snap back to the top.

This seems to be a bug specific to the taskbar and my touchscreen. A clue may be the fact that when I switch back to laptop mode sometimes hovering over an icon in the taskbar (with touchpad) will cause it to try to drag the icon. Seems like the touchpad and touchscreen on this are a bit unique and the taskbar/menu has issues because of it.

Anyone else noticed this behavior, or know a workaround?

Having similar issues. I can't pull up windows from the taskbar using touch. Clicking them works fine. It's not calibration, it visibly registers that I've touched but the window will not come up. It also tries to drag certain launchers off the taskbar when I hover over them. Others work fine.

I have the same issue, touching taskbar buttons seems to only trigger the Hover event and doesn't "click" them :frowning:

Thanks, but its the touch screen not the touchpad.

Touching the Zorin/Start icon/button works, as does the open windows button next to it, but taskbar programs aren't touchable. Touching them seems to only activate the hover effect whilst touched.

I have Ungroup Application checked but this makes no difference even if i turn it off