Taskbar (Panel) Color seting?

Sorry, bad english !!!

I can't change panel color.

Why ???

Have you opened Zorin Appearance and selected a theme and accent color?

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Not this....

Panel surface color ??

With dconf etc...

Governed by the theme for Gnome-Shell.

You might consider installing Gnome Tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Launch Gnome Tweaks and under the appearance section, look at Gnome-Shell theme.

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I try....

I can't.

No theme changing. Only panel surface color.

(via ubuntu mate etc.)

click Zorin :zorin: logo, click Zorin Appearance, Theme tab. You set colors here.

The panel Surface Color is determined By The Theme.
If you do not like the included themes, you can download one you like or you can make your own (as I do.)