Taskbar was removed. How do you get it back?

I was trying to remove a software shortcut from the taskbar (right click) and it removed the whole taskbar instead.....

Seems like a huge flaw in the design. Anyway, how can I get the taskbar back?

Are you using Zorin OS Pro, Core, Lite, Pro Lite...?

I think this is probably Lite, as there was a bit of a random bug with XFCE taskbar that produced a similar effect when moving items on the side of the bar or something similar.

Assuming it's Zorin Lite, try to open a terminal and launch it again by running xfce4-panel.

I don't know how to use terminal.

I had to right click and logout> restart.

They should not have a "remove" button on the taskbar.... which then removes the whole taskbar. A normal computer user would be lost after the taskbar is gone.


I could make a strong case for it to be there, too...
It's just a setting. Live and learn.

You can launch the panel or other application using alt+f2 and then typing the program-name (not common name) of the application to run.

The terminal is like any other program you've ever used, simply search for it under the Zorin Menu, which you can also open by pressing Super key (or Windows key), and type some command and hit Enter to submit it.

As for the bug on the taskbar, the remove button does not exist to remove the taskbar entirely but the separator item that, well, separates the different items on it. It's a known bug that sometimes for some strange reason it nukes the whole thing when you try to move items in the wrong location or something.
By removing that separator item you will see the option to "remove" disappears from the taskbar.

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