Taskbars on multiple screens: show active windows in taskbar only when window is on that screen?

Hello, I'm using two screens, and I'd like to see a separate taskbar on both, in the way that I want to see an app's tab only on that screen's taskbar, not all taskbars. In Windows this is possible with an option, is there maybe a hidden setting in Gnome where I can achieve this?
Or can this maybe be done with workspaces? I haven't looked into that feature very deeply yet, but it seems I cannot declare my two screens as separate workspaces?

Take a look at this other thread. I'm not sure if it was solved but maybe it can help:

Do You use the zorin Taskbar? If Yes, go in the Tasbar Settings and there to the Behavior Tab and go to the Bottom:

When You click on it You come to Settings for the Workspaces and the Way how Stuff is shown. Maybe this could help You.