TeamViewer HiDPI behavior

Granted, this is a very specific question that may even be considered irrelevant for this community. If so, please delete it.

The problem is that TeamViewer will render in a solution that makes it basically unusable when using HiDPI screens—at least when you are about to hit 50 and your eye doctor already emits a noticeable and somewhat ominous sigh every time you visit. The fact that I am limited to 14" on my laptop does not really help, either:


Unfortunately, the usefulness of their support is inversely proportional to their pricing, which is the reason I am posting this here.

As per their forums, some folks had success adding export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.33 (or another multiplier) to /usr/bin/teamviewer, but it does not work consistently.

It will basically appear readable one time and fall back to its old behavior after the next boot—or not, it seems random.

The fun part is, that it does work when it is not set to start automatically upon booting the system, so deactivating the autostart option yields the desired result.

At this point, I think this has something to do with the specific time TeamViewer is called during the boot-up process.

So my question is if anybody has encountered the same problem and managed to work around it or knows a way to delay its start to a time when the desktop environment is fully available.

Just in case it matters: I run Zorin 17 Core via X11 on a 3840 x 2400 resolution with the scaling set to 300%.

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