Technical help trying to get Zorin working on my usb-c

I have tried with zorin and Ubuntu, and I could be watching the wrong video to help me titled "Linux Tips - Install Full ZorinOS on a USB Drive (2023)". But I have been trying to get a bootable drive to work on a 3.2 drive and for some odd reason, it does not burn into my SanDisk drive. I have tried 2 days to get it to work (installation takes forever) and for some odd reason the target folder installs with nothing in it. Is a 3.2 USB-C Sandisk drive not compatible with Linux for some reason? Or is it my 2.0 drive that I put the Rufus zorin in the issue?

Have you gone through the steps outlined here?

It's also possible that the USB is somehow faulty, try using a different one. And if you're not on Linux currently, instead of Balena Etcher you can try Rufus or Ventoy. They have different steps but the principles are the same.

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