Telegram issues with drag and drops files

Hi. I have little problem with drag and drop files from desktop to telegram chat. When i try to attach files it writes "It is unbelievable to send emty file". There are screenshots and images and ofc they are not empty.
Besides, it works with clip button in app and it's not so comfortable though
Does anybody notice this bug or it's speccialy for me?

There is a standing bug report with Telegram readable here:

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Telegram doesn't support portals, so you can't give it access to files via Drag n' Drop UNLESS Telegram has access to the Folder the file is in.

To work around this, install Flatseal and give Telegram access to your Home Folder (or any other specific folder)


Still it has no changes. I turn on file system options including all users files and nothing changed

You did restart Telegram after changing the settings, right?

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sorry, i forgot) exactly, thank you!

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