Telegram won't update on the software store

It's stuck... I wonder what I can do to solve this. Would you please help me?

This article didn't work for me :frowning:

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Hello busattovini, welcome to the forum.

If your not able to update it, perhaps remove and re-installing would be a better choice.


I'm wondering if you have it installed by the same way as what you're attempting to update. Did you originally install with flatpak, snap or apt? This matters greatly. The store doesn't recognize the difference and only goes by version number. Most of the snap applications are "ahead" of the apt versions because of the extra security updates, library updates and fixes for snap (without doing anything with the actual application). So you may have the latest, but since it is apt, uses the system libraries instead of ones packaged with the application (which in snap causes duplication of dependencies and increased application sizes that is completely unnecessary and a waste of space). Short of it, you don't need to update.

You will not be able to update an apt package with snap or flatpak. You will have to remove that application and replace it with that package managing application.

Having the latest and greatest can be detrimental to the health of your system... ask Bourne.


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