Telehealth hookup/audio settings

I have Zorin OS Pro 16.3 and only run Zorin. Windows is not installed.
The last time I had a telehealth meeting there were 2 settings for audio, one was input and one was output. I chose Default for both input and output audio settings.

Today my meeting settings for audio input and audio output had changed. The audio input drop-down options were Built in Analog Stereo and Monitor of Built in Audio Analog Stereo
The audio output drop-down only had one option which was Built in Audio Analog Stereo.
I lost the default options on both. This time the other person could not hear my voice clearly. They said it sounded muffled and we couldn't use it.
Now the question part. Is this change in drop-down options a result of some Zorin software upgrade, a result of Firefox changes, or purely from the other person's system that changed the drop-down options.
I am using my Asus Vivobook S533.
They do not use Zoom.

Do you have another browser that you could try and see if the dropdown menu shows differently?
If so I would assume it was a Firefox change. I had to quit using Firefox for rtmp calls because it suddenly stopped seeing my usb mic. My other browser is Brave and it can find my usb mic just fine but Firefox will not any more.

Exactly the same here. I have firefox and Brave. I tried it through Brave and it had the default options for both input and output.
I like Brave but now I've read they are connected to google for search in some way also.
I like the idea of google search for particular things that aren't manipulated politically but it's hard to get a search engine that seriously stops any google seeping through to my computer when I search.
When I search on Mojeek it's really limited in it's results for my searches.
I'll have to keep searching for a search engine.

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Yeah, Google is getting really hard to get away from. It's starting to be a bit insane with what the big tech companies all seem to be doing now a days.