Tenda usb wifi

Tengo un usb tenda wifi cuando probe el programa me lo reconocio sin ningun problema cuando instale zorim dejo de reconocer mi usb wifi y para navegar debo conectar cable.
Me ha parecido un buen sistema operativo lo unico malo a sido el wifi.

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Si te refieres a esos sticks donde se inserta la tarjeta SIM, a mi tampoco me funcionan, necesitas alguna intervención técnica. Normalmente están hechos para funcionar en sistemas Windows, no en Linux. En la sexta respuesta dentro de mi post de abajo acerca de este problema tal vez pueda resolverlo.

If you mean those USB sticks where you insert the SIM card, they don't work for me either, you need some technical intervention. They are usually made to work on Windows systems, not on Linux. On the sixth reply inside my post below about this problem maybe you can solve it.

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I have a usb tenda wifi when you try the program I recognized it without any problem when you install zorim I stop recognizing my usb wifi and to navigate I must connect cable. I found it a good operating system the only bad thing was the wifi.

Is the wifi dongle Linux compatible?
( Il dongle wifi è compatibile con Linux? )

Is this Zorin Core or Zorin Lite?
( È questo Zorin Core o Zorin Lite? )

Can you please change your profile to show your Zorin "Edition" , This saves us asking in future.
( Puoi per favore cambiare il tuo profilo per mostrare il tuo Zorin "Edition", Questo ci risparmia di chiedere in futuro. )

Is this new install? Dual boot or just Zorin OS?
( Si tratta di una nuova installazione? Dual boot o solo Zorin OS? )

If WIFI dongle is compatible with Linux systems,
Then try connecting to internet via cable. and update system With WIFI dongle plugged in

( Se il dongle WIFI è compatibile con i sistemi Linux, Quindi prova a connetterti a Internet via cavo. e sistema di aggiornamento Con dongle WIFI collegato )

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

This advice may need tweaking depending on your machine hardware, Nvidia/intel/amd.

( Questo consiglio potrebbe richiedere modifiche a seconda dell'hardware della macchina, Nvidia / intel / amd. )

Keep us informed.
( Tienici informati. )

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