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I am trying to use the terminal more and more in installing apps instead of relying on the net to find items and just use the authors copy and paste the commands into my terminal ..... it has gotten me in more trouble than it is worth ....

I figure that if something is gonna get screwed up I would rather do it myself than have someone else do it for me .... besides I have learned that if you do something wrong in the terminal it will most of the time tell you and offer suggestions that you can just copy and paste yourself back into the terminal to find the answers ..... if that makes sense ....

To make a long story short if you have an app that has more than 1 word to it such as "gThumb Image Viewer or Master PDF Editor" how would you type it into the Terminal .... I know it would be all small letters but what about the word spacing .... please give examples .....

I do an apt search
using your example
apt search gthumb

it will then spit out a list with everything that has gthumb in it i scroll till i find trhe package i want highlight it copy it, and hit 'end' key and sudo apt install ctrl+v

sudo apt install gthumb
Screenshot from 2022-11-10 20-41-34

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You can also just search for one of the keywords e.g., "thumb", "viewer" or similar and then use grep to filter down the results.

sudo apt search gthumb | grep -C1 "image viewer"

Depending on the search, you might need to adjust this a little and try again. The -C1 option will come in handy as grep by default only returns the line where there is a match, which would be the description and not the name of the package.


You cans use the apt search command above to find the proper syntax for applications with more than one word , just read the description and select the option you want . Apps or packages with more than one word names are separated by dashes. Example: dconf-editor

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