Terminal won't open with right click, can't add icons to task bar

Was using 15.1 no worries, 15.3 seems to have a few problems. These are as stated above. Using a Lenovo S145 laptop.

Use ctrl+alt+t.
Do you mean when you go to Utilities->Terminal, right clicking doesn’t bring up the menu where you can Add to Favorites?

…Or right click on the desktop?

RedEarthMan, could you please clarify if you are using Zorin Core (Or Ultimate) or Zorin Lite (Or Ultimate Lite)?

Zorin Core 15.3

No, usually when I use a Linux based product I right click on the desk top and under “open a new window” open terminal appears, click on that and the terminal opens. Not so with my download of 15.3

So when you right click on an empty section on your desktop, you don’t see the menu as in the attached pic, is that correct?

Correct. No menu appears at all.

Can you hit alt+F2 and enter in it


and then right click the menu after gnome-shell restarts and see if the menu appears?
If no-go, try alt+F2

killall -3 gnome-shell

Then right click the desktop after gnome-shell restarts and see if the menu appears?

Hi Aravisian. Thanks for your input. If I hit the alt+F2 the alt does not work. Neither does it work if I use ctrl or shift instead of alt. I’m beginning to wonder if I have a corrupt download of 15.3. I still have 15.1 working on an old MacBook and it works just fine.

It could well be. If multiple basics are not working, that is a good indicator that re-installing is probably the best bet.
This forum is a portion of the Zorin OS homepage and links directly over to the Download page:

Please avoid using a Download Helper Object or Download accelerator. These are known to cause corruption in Large Files and ISO's.

If you are installing on a Mac product, I know there are some additional steps required to install. ReFind, for example. A search of these forums may yield a guide on it.

Or go here:

Check the md5 sum/SHA sum by clicking on the ‘i’ to the right of the chosen download and check against the image of 15.3 you downloaded originally.
Also have found that installing via DVD is better than via USB stick. :wink:

Thanks Swarfender and Aravisian. Unfortunately the Lenovo I’m trying to install on has no DVD capability, though I might try to locate an independent driver. I used the Zorin website and balenaetcher. I’ll have another go on the Lenovo with a fresh download.

Hi, Give Rufus a try - Balena etcher can be problematical for some users (including moi!). I use MultiSystem, a great piece of French Software, but you need a Linux install to use it! Others from the old forum recommended Rufus:

Yup, used Rufus previously. I might have a go with MultiSystem, I’ve still got Zorin on the other. Thanks!

Thanks, I’ll see how I go.

You’ll need to download the file from here:

as not currently available elsewhere.

Tutorial video here:

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Thanks! I’ve reinstalled and all is sweet.

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Thanks as well, Carmar.

How do I get it back?

My guess it is the zorin-os-desktop package that you have to reinstall. In Synaptic, I can’t find any package related to a context menu. Ubuntu seems to have a difference. Maybe @Aravisian or others can chime-in.