Termius App show blank screen + Updating OS show errors

Hello, I noticed like 3 issues on my zorins os 16.2 pro for a while now, I was wondering if you guys could help me fix it:

Description: When running "sudo apt-get update I get the following error in the screenshot:

When running the termius ssh app I get a blue blank screen and I have not been able to fix it as shown in the screenshot:

When running the software updater I get this weird error, after clicking "ok" the software update like normal,

Do you guys know how to fix those issues? My biggest issue is I cannot login to my dedicated server with the termius app since this what I mainly use since this my main ssh client. Thank you really much for your help in advance!

The sudo apt update error and the Software Updater error are the same error. These are caused by an unsigned PPA. The swiftest resolution to this is to remove the broken PPA.
You can open Software & Updates app and in the other tab, scroll down to the graphics-drivers ppa, then click it to select it. Remove it by clicking the remove button.

On Termius, have you added anything to your ~.profile or ~.bashrc files?

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I did not use a firewall and I cannot find Termius with GUFW. Is there a way I can enable the firewall and and make termius works?

I don't remember adding anything there, is there a way I can access those files? Where is the location? Should I delete those?

Yes, open your file manager to your Home folder (It defaults directly there on opening) and tap the keyboard shortcut ctrl+h
This will show the "hidden" files. Hidden Files are just basic system files rather than your personal docs and downloads... They are noted by having a period in front of the name. I always keep mine revealed.
You will see .bashrc and .profile.

No, these files exist to serve a function.
But you can open them in Text Editor to review their contents. If unsure, you can copy and paste their contents here for others to review.

I see the files now, I just do not know how to fix this with termius, I never touched those two files. I learned something new with ctrl + h now ty. Got any ideas how to fix the termius issue?

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I am heading out for an appointment. Will need to fully review the whole thread to get caught up on return.

hey no worries let me know when you can help me fix the issue!

Looking into this further; there may be some help here:

Sorry for the long delay - today was a much longer day than I expected.

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Im sorry for the late reply, this might sound really dumb but where do I find this in the post you mentioned?

Try going to "Users & Groups" > "Advanced Settings" and make sure you're set to "/bin/bash" or whatever you prefer.

Are you using Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite?

Im using Zorin OS Core

I am using Zorin Lite. not Core... But in Gnome Control Center, scroll down in the Left pane and you should see "Users" option...

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