Test ZorinOS Online

Here is webside where you can testing any linux distribution online.


The downside to this is that not all distributions are available, such as my final choice of OS, PCLinuxOS.

@swarfendor437 Then it must be something to control a people if this not exist there?
You've made me hungry and I'll test this system. Package manager is apt and rpm is a combination of debian and RHEL.

You will find mainly .rpm, no .deb. To install my Canon TS8151 I had to download an rpm tarball from canon.co.uk, extract with Ark, then opened a terminal (Konsole), su to root, then


The script runs and you get the option to choose USB or Network. If you choose Network it comes back with nothing, you have to choose USB first, then to change to Network you have to open properties of printer and click on change button of Printer URI and then select AppSocket/HP JetDirect and enter IP address of printer in Host field, then click on Apply. Job done.