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It's now more than 1 month since I am using Zorin OS. First I had used 15.3 lite. Then switched to Zorin 16.1 Core. Altho I have also installed Zorin OS Lite Desktop Environment in Core version. So I have tested both GNOME and XFCE. Now I don't know but there was many bugs in 15.3 lite but leave that cause I think I won't use that again :sweat_smile:. And those bugs are fixed in 16.1 Core version. The initial difference between Zorin OS Core and Lite version are as follow :-

  1. XFCE is actually lighter than GNOME. I think it's because GNOME has alot of animation. And the tool of GNOME are more perfect than that of XFCE. Altho I would love to see more customisation in GNOME.
  2. XFCE uses Thunar File manager :joy: and GNOME uses GNOME file manager (maybe the name is wrong :joy:). I found many differences between these two file manager and my personal favourite is GNOME file manager.
  3. Settings menu is also alot different in both system. But for me GNOME settings looks mordern and XFCE one is easier to use.

These are my initial views. There are many technical difference between XFCE & GNOME but I think for a normal person that really doesn't matter. And now some suggestions.
First of all Zorin is inspired by Windows and because of that it's easy to use. To make it more easy and effective i would like to suggest Avdan YouTube channel which create concept OS videos. Here's the link https://youtube.com/c/Avdan
I know that it's really difficult for developers to implement those things but if they could I would love to see them. And yeah if they did that, Zorin would just need a spark of advertisement to lit the fire of Zorin OS power. And it would become the most efficient OS. I know it sounds really dumb and childish :sweat_smile::joy: but please developers, have a look at this. There are literally tons of concepts.
Let's tag them @zorink @AZorin
And @Aravisian @Storm
That's all. Thank you so much developers for such nice work :blush:. I'm a student, for that I can't support you financially but I would try my best!


Just to note: AZorin and zorink are the sole developers of ZorinGroup currently.
Storm and I are both Zorin OS Users and Members of the forum; not part of the development team.

I think that there is nothing childish about being inspired to put forth the best work.

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you might want to check out extensions.gnome.org and gnome-look.org

That's why XFCE4 is used for the Lite release of Zorin

That's just differences between the desktops :man_shrugging:

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