Testing Zorin 16 Lite to 17 Lite Upgrade Tool

Since I am in a position where I have backed up all data and files and anticipate changes with my O.S., I decided to actually test the 16 Lite to 17 Lite Upgrade.

Launching the upgrader, I was shown a list of which packages would be removed as well as which repositories were going to be removed. This was informative.
I was able to highlight each list,. copy and then paste them into a text file for future reference (to replace anything needed but missing).

I then ran the upgrader tool. It only took about 40 mins to fully run.
Upon completion it said
Errors occurred. We recommend you perform a fresh install and submit an error report... Or something... I am paraphrasing.
I just closed that out and rebooted. Upon reaching the desktop, I launched terminal and ran the easy one stop shop for seeing what your errors are:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

If dpkg is holding any errors or broken packages, these will be shown. And they were. Apparently, backport-iwlwifi-dkms and libdvd-pkg were the culprits. I tried sudo apt --fix-broken install but that only led to a repeat of the errors.
I believe that since I was using the TuxInvader 6.6.5 kernel, that was the issue. So I removed the TuxInvader repo, then removed the kernel:

sudo apt remove linux-generic-6.06

I ran

sudo apt remove libdvd-pkg

That was successful. As was

sudo apt remove backport-iwlwifi-dkms

All errors now resolved, I could upgrade all packages and reinstall any needed ones (like Inkscape).

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

sudo apt install long-laundry-list-of-apps

With that done, I then reinstalled libdvd-pkg

sudo apt install libdvd-pkg

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg

I notice that XFCE 4.18 comes with a much requested feature - changing icon sizes in the Window List plugin. I am over the moon about that. I immediately adjusted all icon sizes - no more little 16px icons for me.

Over-all, the Zorin Upgrader was fast, worked well and despite a hiccup, got everything else sorted. Other users may wish to repeat my exercise above it the Upgrader gives an error and just remove any repositories or packages that are toublesome, then re-install them after a clean APT is made.


Upgrading from Z16 Lite to Z17 Lite will it get to stock "look" o Zorin Lite?
I have some simple customizations ex. I replaced menu with Whisker menu...
Will upgrading change this and other things?

It will not. I also use Whiskermenu and my desktop is very customized.
When I rebooted, everything looked the same.

Interestingly, I immediately noticed that the new XFCE version has fixed a standing issue with the taskbar that left rounded borders on plugins with a gap around them. That was a pleasant surprise.

I upgraded the other day on a virtual machine, and everything went smoothly. Although it was a fairly fresh setup, no customizations at all. I think most issues have been with people adding custom repositories and things like that.

I also upgraded from 16.3 Pro to 17.1 Pro this weekend. I have a pretty basic set up so it only took 20 minutes approximately. A few months back I upgraded via VM on a different computer. Again a basic set-up and no modifications so it all went very smoothly too. For my basic needs, I am very happy.

So Zorin Lite will be up until 2029 and then discontinued?
Any chances of adding an XFCE version in future to the line up?

Zorin OS Lite is the XFCE version.

I had added quite a few, including the TuxInvader kernel. Which, the kernel was the issue in regards to thebackport-iwlwifi-dkms package. Most people do - and a large number of people need a different kernel for their hardware on Zorin OS, given the lengthy release cycles.
The other side to this is that being able to add repositories and therefor add additional vetted software is singly one of the top great things about GnuLinux. This cannot be discouraged.
So education and knowledge seems to be the key to ameliorating these issues rather than limitations or blame.

Of course, I can only speak on my experience, but it seems that it continues to be one of the most common issues with the upgrader.

Now that I think about it, I never used a similar upgrade tool, so I can't tell if this is a common occurrence. Not even on Windows... the one time I tried (to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10) Microsoft decided that I needed to buy a new computer, and began switching to Linux instead :smiley:

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You can download the normal xfce Desktop from the Repo's then. But it is only the normal xfce Desktop and not the Zorin configured One.

I upgraded two machines when Lite was first released. I have fairly basic setups, one in a VM on Win 11 machine which was a fresh install of 16.3 and that upgraded smoothly in 20 mins, I wanted to visualise the process before attempting my old 2007 machine. The 2007 upgraded without problems in about 2 hours so I am pleased with the process.

I know that Lite is XFCE.
I meant after Lite is discontinued past Zorin 19 or 2029.

Thank you for testing this, @Aravisian.

I have 16.3 Lite running in a VM at work to secure my personal data (e-mail, cloud storage, etc). The VMs password is known only to me.

I will hang onto 16.3 Lite as long as it is supported; it is fast and runs like a dream. Nary a crash or error.

But...will refer back to this thread when the time comes to upgrade.

Thanks again!

Upgraded from Zorin 16 Lite to Zorin 17 Lite last weekend and apparently it went smoothly.
The icons (shortcuts) on desktop had to be "mark executable" to open apps again.
So far so good...