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Thanks @Abystus , but I tried that. It`s too big...

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Are you sure, whats your screen resolution? I ask, cause on 4K, that large text sized option is perfect. I also apologize for forgetting about that one. For Large text mode to seem too big, you'd have to be on at least 1080P or less resolution I would think.

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Resolution ist 1960x1020 (16:9) but next 16:9 1280x720 is not what I want

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i had the same issue and the onlything that worked for me was to upscale the display to 125%. go to setting and display and increase the scale to 125%, sould make the menu bar bigger.

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Here's how I increased the font size in the Zorin menu and task bar items (including date/time) as it was all too small for me:

The font in the Zorin menu and taskbar is controlled in gnome-shell theme. I edited the gnome-shell.css file in the Zorin theme tolder.

First, I copied my theme folder from /usr/share/themes to ~/.local/share/themes before editing, so I leave the original unchanged. If you copy without using sudo you will own these files, so editing does not require admin. privileges.

The change you make here has higher priority and will be used by the system instead of the default location.

Location of file in theme folder (using ZorinGrey-Light as an example):


In the gnome-shell.css file, look for this section:

/* Global Values */
stage { font-size: 10pt; color: #29292a; }

and adjust the font here. I changed it to 12pt. Save it and done.


tested it. same as changing the interface text size. Doesn't increase the text in the menu bar

Thanks, that woked.
But I noticed that some webpages were very small. So I changed again: I increased on 125%, decreased the size of the fonts and and the status bar. Now I think it's ok.
Thanks for all your help!


ok, increasing the scale on 125% doesn't help as some programs are getting really small and others don't work at all (etc flame shot)

I tried now to work on 100% and increasing the font size, but in webpages and programs it's still pretty small.
Any ideas?

Fractional Scaling is... iffy... to be quite direct about it. I would be so bold as to call it a Work In Progress.

It's a good part of why I prefer Zorin OS Lite (XFCE). Scaling (DPI) works, on everything.

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true, I didn't have the problem with Lite... But normally I prefer the gnome desktop

I wonder whether it would work with Ubuntu...

I would think it should be about the same given that the fundamentals are the same.
Topaz gave a very good write-up, but that answer also will only apply to Gnome-shell, not the Nautilus Desktop.
You might try making a gtk.css file in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/
And set a custom font there, as well.

* { font-size: 10pt; }

Internet browsers have their own font sizers. Just go into settings, you will find the option in there, its sometimes often burried in there but you will find it.

And Gnome Tweaks is how you make things work often in Gnome, thats why I recommended it.


Firefox also has ctrl and Plus sign and Minus sign to enlarge or decrease,


Chrome does too, and boy do I use that on sites Aravisian, cause my eyes are garbage, and always gotta zoom in lol.

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I know they have, but doing it all the time isn't fun and it doesn't work on all parts of a page

ok, I tested Ubuntu: same problem.
In Zorin Light 15.3 you can change it easily in appearance => custom dpi.
Works perfect.
Think I'm going to wait for 16Lite and change then.
thanks for all the help

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Jeff is waiting for LITE too, poor Jeff, he's so unhappy, he has no LITE, no LITE!!! Uhhhh, the horrors that await us in Spookies Halloween spectacular. Knowing Jeff, his unhappyness will crash it entirely. HAHA!

I just use keyboard short cuts ... I have it set up where + or up is CTRL Z and - or down is CTRL X .... now I never have a problem because no mater where I am my screen can be adjusted to the size I want ... at least it works for me ... LOL

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