Text on screen upon booting up and shutting down

Hello all,

I am a relatively new Zorin user, about a year or so and I am glad that thus far it has worked well because I know nothing about it. I could always repair my Windows systems but Linux is alien to me really.
I had a problem yesterday when I updated my Nvidia graphics card drivers and this caused the machine to refuse to boot afterwards. Thankfully, I got around that by using the recovery window and installing an older driver.
However, I have now got another problem and I need some advice. It's probably a simple fix but what that might be I do not know.
Upon booting up everything appears as normal initially. My Aorus motherboard splash screen appears and then I am given four choices on a black screen which has never appeared before. They are as follows:
Zorin GNU/Linux (low latency) - If I choose this, the graphics are poor
Zorin GNU/Linux (generic) - This one works fine
Advanced options for Zorin GNU/Linux - This leads to the recovery window
UEFI Firmware Settings

Does anyone know how to have the system boot up normally without having to choose manually each time? It defaults to the first one on the list and after a few seconds loads it up.

I'd be grateful for any advice. I've had a stressful couple of days just getting this up and running again and I'm not especially sure just how I got this far.

Thanks again, Jim.

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Something like explained on How to get to the GRUB menu at boot-time? can help you.

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