Thanks to the Dev's

You did a great Job with Zorin. To my person. I'm a very long windows user. I tried Ubuntu 10 or 15 years ago. It was a pain with all his command stuff and so on. Before I tried Zorin OS I checked out Nobara but it was a little bit too much "hardcore" for me and to "short". Now I'm using Zorin OS for over a week now and I have to say I don't miss Microsoft Windows. I am able to install deb files on my own without scrolling through the internet. Thanks to you guys in this Forum. All my games are running perfectly in Steam with proton. Even games with EAC are not a problem anymore. They are also a lot of "apps" via flatpak installtion and so on. The customisation in Zorin is also a boooomer... Zorin OS is a perfectly OS for new Users. Keep up the great work. I also buy the PRO version to support you guys. Fantastic Job :+1::+1::+1::+1:


to shed a little more light, Flatpak is a more distro-universal way to package programs. They fill the same purpose as deb files do, but they do that whilst working on any Linux-Based OS

Flatpak also incorporates sandboxing and permissions, which can help you narrow down what your programs can and can't do a little further.

Gday @Ckrisp & @henryjamesss
Welcome to the community!

I would also like to echo @henryjamesss enthusiasm toward your experience, Just like myself i fell for Zorin OS at first try, & I'm also very happy with the Developers achievements.

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