The app that got me to switch from Windows

I absolutely had to be able to remap my mouse side buttons to do volume up/down (and middle button to do Back). I always have YT or YTTV going.

Once I found Input Remapper, I was ready to give Zorin a real try.

It's not in the App Store but it's easy to install with this deb file.

Nice looking and easy to use.

Sure, Windows has the formidable (and free) X-mouse Button Control, but this is all I need.


This could be a Tutorial in the Tutorials and Guides Sub-Forum. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, didn't know where to put it. Oh well. Never a prob with this app, BTW. It also does game controllers.

Watching Tim Pool in a corner window at this moment.


Does it do mouse wheel speed control?
(question asked in another thread)

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Cool to see another person taking the leap and switching to Linux :slight_smile:

tho, I'd assume you'll eventually run into some complications thanks to the Windows Mindset that many people have (won't blame ya for that, I thought like that in the beginning too), so here's some tips I have for you:

  1. always look for alternatives to programs you use BEFORE trying to run the Windows version, because especially for programs like Adobe's creative suite, or Microsoft's Office Suite are kind of a pain to run through Wine

  2. DON'T do things "The Windows Way" , use the operating system with a "clean mind" so to speak, after all, you wouldn't expect MacOS to work like Windows, same goes for ZorinOS (and Linux in general)

  3. whilst many people say you need to use the Terminal in Linux, that really is not true. Sure, it is a powerful tool, especially for things like automation, but it is really not needed anymore as many things nowadays have GUIs you can use to do the same thing
    For example: sure, you could install fonts through a Terminal, and commands like sudo apt install noto-fonts-cjk for instance, or you could just use Font Downloader and download many fonts in a click and be done with it :wink:

  4. whenever you don't like something, remember:
    You can change it!
    Unlike windows, Linux desktops generally are a lot more customization-friendly, and allow you to customize them to exactly where you want them to be, from adding one or two more things to the taskbar, to recreating other operating systems, to all-out making it look like something unique, all is possible!

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I agree with everything you said. Especially as I recall my own stuggles with breaking Windows habits.
I have a nit to pick on this one comment- I agree... Most applications do have a GUI that can do most of what the terminal can.
However, not all apps have a GUI that can do all that the terminal can. And this makes sense, when you think about it, as the GUI would have to be loaded up with more buttons than Blender.
It is good to encourage the use of the terminal, though it is not often needed; as when it is needed, or at least, more efficient and useful, the user may go in fearless.

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I know quite a lot of people which I got to switch to Linux which instantly shy away from it, or just don't want to use it for another reason, which is something that I'm sure exists in the community as a whole, so how would we work around that?

Many teenagers are eager to drive while many fear it and shun the training. As in all things, it really comes down to the individual. What many fear, they decide they immediately dislike.
Encouragement is a good word, because it is exactly as it implies: Encouragement.
Uplifting with confidence boosters usually go much further than snideness, as we all know.
Once of the things I have learned on this forum, at least.

I also firmly believe in a Lack of Dumb. I have noticed over the years that like many things society teaches us early on but doesn't actually exist - dumbness is one of them.
What people lack sometimes is not smarts, but confidence.
And this is something pretty easy to observe. You may notice, if you test the idea, that many people you may have thought were incapable become capable once they are uplifted and encouraged.
And it is good training over-all; for Life. As you get used to the habit, co-workers, spouses, significant others, family - all tend to respond better to you.

You asked; though from what I have noticed of your posts- you hardly need the explanation...

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BTW, I first tried using and Input Remapper wasn't even listed. Then did a simple google search for what I wanted and it was #1.

I'm up and running after about a week of fixing a few things and getting features I wanted. I guess I have everything perfect. Ready to install on my other PCs.

BTW, do not neglect hardware. I had a prob with icons disappearing and similar stuff until I removed, cleaned and shuffled my RAM. 4 sticks has over 300 connections!

Other big prob was printer (possibly cause by RAM). Simple fix: Unplug printer, reboot PC, re-add printer.


Nope, absolutely not due to RAM, it's more that 99% of Printer manufacturers either don't provide drivers at all, or they're horrible drivers

the only good drivers I know are HP's tbh

Nope. It's been printing fast and perfect ever since. Brother AIO.

I don't think so. But there is an extension that fixes Chrome's horribly slow scrolling.

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