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I'm trying to get rid of Google drive and find an alternative. An alternative that is secure and integrate well with Linux/Gnome. I have been looking at CozyDrive. Anyone tried it?

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Pcloud is one; I used to use it and I believe Swarfendor still does. The strongest consideration is available drive space.


I have been using MEGA for some years and quite happy with it. It has a very generous allowance of 50 GB per account. It also has a desktop app for Linux and file manager integration plugin.


Yeah I recommend MEGA as well. Its privacy focused and all of your files are encrypted. The synchronization and the versioning system is much better than the alternatives that I've tried. The free plan has all the bells and whistles and the pricing is much better compared tthe alternatives. There were some controversy sorrunding it in the past but from what I've seen its a pretty good service.


I've been using OneDrive with an ExpanDrive connector on ZorinOS 16 Beta for about 3 months now. We've had zero problems. Otherwise here's a list of some other providers: Rclone

Has anyone tried Tresorit and compared it to any of the options cited above? Beyond security what is important to me is whether these services make it look like it is another drive on my computer so I can easily move files in and out between other locations.

I am trying out Mega. First impression is good. An added bonus is that there are other Mega users here to compare notes with.


Yeah it's very good. I highly recommend it.

Ya! One more for Team Mega! :slight_smile:

I am glad I successfully introduced MEGA among Zorin users :slight_smile: You will be also benefit from a system which makes it easier to share files among MAGA users.

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The Mega install on my PC created a Mega Folder and also a Megasync folder. What is the difference between the two?

I am using Zorin 16 beta and I have MegaSync folder only. Which version of Zorin you are using?

15.3 Core

I will try moving some items around in MegaSync and see if it behaves differently. Right now, could be user error, I am moving each photo from iCloud individually. Seems to be a limitation of iCloud. But curious longer term if one of the Mega folders is better or different over the other.

When you open the settings in Mega (right click on MEGA icon), you have a option for enabling or disabling MEGA folder which is a full sync folder. You can sync any folder of your choice in any other names. One reason I recommend MEGA is this flexibility.
In the default setting, this full sync folder is enabled - that is why you see 2 MEGA related folders. I disabled mine and (as usual) forgot about it :wink:

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Thanks. I sound like a broken record. I did find out how to fix something on my own and contributed a solution yesterday on the Apple forum. Maybe someday I can do something similar here. :slight_smile: