The cloud services


I'm trying to get rid of Google drive and find an alternative. An alternative that is secure and integrate well with Linux/Gnome. I have been looking at CozyDrive. Anyone tried it?

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Pcloud is one; I used to use it and I believe Swarfendor still does. The strongest consideration is available drive space.


I have been using MEGA for some years and quite happy with it. It has a very generous allowance of 50 GB per account. It also has a desktop app for Linux and file manager integration plugin.


Yeah I recommend MEGA as well. Its privacy focused and all of your files are encrypted. The synchronization and the versioning system is much better than the alternatives that I've tried. The free plan has all the bells and whistles and the pricing is much better compared tthe alternatives. There were some controversy sorrunding it in the past but from what I've seen its a pretty good service.


I've been using OneDrive with an ExpanDrive connector on ZorinOS 16 Beta for about 3 months now. We've had zero problems. Otherwise here's a list of some other providers: Rclone