The computer does not recognize the external DVD player

I would like to connect the external DVD player "samsung portable bd wirter model se-506". However, I do not see that it is recognized by the operating system, nor is it recognized under "Files" > "Other locations". What can I do? If I have researched correctly, then there is no driver available. Would that even be necessary? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Generally, a Blu-Ray device will not be recognized or shown in a file manager unless it has a media in it.
Have you install the restricted Extras package?

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

I use a different DVD Player but my One isn't shown too when I simply plug it in. Connect it and then put a Disc in.

Thank you Ponce-De-Leon: I tried your advice, but it hasn't worked (yet).

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Thank you, Aravisian: I just installed your app, but it didn't do anything from my point of view.
In the screenshot you can see where I looked and what it looks like. Am I right that the DVD should be listed under "+Other locations"? (By the way: I inserted a music CD for testing. I assume that this should not make any difference).

Hmm ... Has Your Player one USB Plug or two? If it has 2 do You pluged in the two or only one?

When the Disc was inside did You hear that the Player works? Did You started something like VLC to control if the CD can play?

I have two USB ports and it didn't work with both of them.
The external player was not displayed in the VLC player either.

@Aravisian, what else can I do?

I just tried a search for hardware compatibility:

It shows as detected but not working through the entire list. It looks like this make and model is only supported on Windows OS.

Additional searches yield the same result:

Thanks for your research! I opened the list on What should be written there that the player does not work on Linux? Interestingly enough, I had Mac OS before and the player always worked here. Well, otherwise I'll just have to accept it ...

It can show as

  • Not-working or Failed
  • Detected
  • Working

On their list. With "not-working/failed" the device is not detected and not working. With "Detected", the device is detected, but is either not working or only partially working, not fully working. With "working", the device is detected and fully working.


Hello @Aravisian , I wanted to connect an external hard disk for the backup via usb. But the system no longer shows the hard disk. Another external hard disk is also not displayed. Why is this, or what can I do? Very strange ... Thanks for your support in advance!

Maybe the File Format from the Hard Disc's are the Problem.

How are all of these devices being connected? I am starting to think there is an issue with your means of connecting the drives. Are you using a dock like Thunderbolt or a USB Hub?

Thank you for your suggestion. It can't be the data format, because it worked before.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I don't need a hub. I have looked in the BIOs: All ports are enabled.

But I'm thinking of my last discussion at No Bluetooth connection to the speaker - #8 by tl85 back. Then I had installed usbguard, among other things, although I didn't know exactly what it was for. I suspect that the problem is. What code can I use to uninstall or deactivate usbguard?

The software usbguard can block quite a lot. I do not recommend installing it except for isolated use cases.

It is primarily intended for protecting a non-locally used machine from intrusion by USB devices. It can be configured by you to allow your devices; but removing it is likely your best bet.

sudo apt remove --purge usbguard

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Many thanks for your help. Of course I was annoyed that I had installed usbguard without thinking. Now the computer not only recognizes the external hard drive, but also the external CD player ... !

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