The download is extremely slow, Please offer more mirror links

ZorinOS' official download link have never worked well for me or my friends. The speed is extremely slow even on a gigabit connection and the download aborts itself midway.

This can be very frustrating for many people, and it would only hurt ZorinOS' adoption if people have download issues like me and my other friends.

The solution I had was to create my own personal MEGA link and share it with friends but it's not always possible for me to keep it up to date.

So I request Zorin devs to please provide mirror links for the downloads. Torrent would be so much better (at least for core and lite) and hosting on sourceforge is a nice alternative as well. Please provide some mirror links, it's been a whole year and I always have to resort to finding unofficial torrent links for the core ISO.

You can select to download from a different mirror by clicking on the Issues while downloading? button on the Zorin OS 16 Core download page.

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Oh! Sorry for the trouble, I should've clicked that button. I always look for the word 'mirror' on download pages maybe that's why I missed it.
It would be great if a small text is added below the 'Issues while Downloading' button, something like: "See Mirror Links".

I'm so stupid. All this time I was looking for mirrors and torrents and the solution was right in front of my eyes, very sorry for the unnecessary post.


No problem! Based on your feedback, we've changed the download page to make it clearer.

Now, the button reads "Download from a different server" and we changed Issues while downloading? to a link that points to our help article about getting a complete download.


Thank you so much Artyom! Thank you for all the great work!

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