The efi file system creation in partition failed

Hello. I’m not a very knowledgeable person about this kind of thing. Saw the zorin os major update and got curious to try it out because I’m tired of the laggy windows. Now I want to try this but I’m having trouble installing zorin os 15.3 core. I’m getting problem saying “The efi file system creation in partition… failed.” Using WD 1TB as a drive boot. Not a techy person so I went here hoping someone could help me with this one.

My laptop is Lenovo V130-14IKB 81HQ
Intel Celeron 3867U
Windows 10 64bit

@12six92. Hi Welcome to the Zorin Forum.
Whilst waiting for someone to answer your specific problem during installation, I wondered if you have looked at @swarfendor437 unofficial manual for Zorin 15 here:

Particularly the advice it contains regarding installation.

Can we presume you intend to dual-boot Zorin alongside Win10?

  1. Did you use the “Something else” option for installation?
  2. Assuming “yes” answer for #1, did you assign minimum 50 MB partition for EFI/ESP? This is excluding Root (min. 15 GB, I recommend at least 20 GB) and swap (twice your RAM, hence 8 GB).