The Future of Zorin on Debian?


I would like to know your thoughts on the future of Zorin.
Wouldn't it be a wise decision of Zorin to move to Debian base and ditch Ubuntu?

I wonder if this makes sense and if is something that could happen in the likes of Linux Mint Debian Edition.

Oh I read this thread:

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After using Debian 12 for about ~7 months now I can confidently say that I'm fully on board with the idea. It's a rock-solid distribution that just works, and has everything you'd need. Plus, it's always good to have alternatives... or an exit strategy.

But as much as I'd like it to be, I think it's unlikely to happen any time soon. If nothing else, ZorinOS already does a good job at what it aims for: providing a good out of the box experience for users seeking the familiarity of Windows and MacOS.


The Future ... Debian a a Base is no wrong Idea. But the Problem is, that the Zorin's must change the whole Base. And then they must support 2 Bases for a while till the older Base is out.

But I had this Thoughts about changing the Underground, too. Ubuntu with his Snap thing could be in the Future ... it could make a bit Trouble. So changing to Debian could make sense. I mean, it is not now. I don't think it will be problematic with Ubuntu 24.04. But who knows how 26.04 will be ...

The Mint Team has LMDE for Backup. When they see that it doesn't make sense anymore they can switch. But the Mint Team is bigger than the Zorin Team.

So, I think, the change could be a good Step. BUT it must be planed very well. It brings one other Thing with: The Kernel Discussion would be over because Debian uses a LTS Kernel, hahaha!

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But Ubuntu 24.04 should have an immutable version.

Nice for LTS and business but may be less funny for geek who like custom.

This won't block Zorin's work?

No, Ubuntu Core is a separate distribution altogether. It won't affect other projects dependent on the LTS releases of Ubuntu.

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Yes, there comes an immutable Version. But the ... i call it ... ''normal'' Ubuntu LTS Version with Debian Base comes, too.

The Question is: What will Canonical do in the Future? When they say ''Okay, we go away from Debian and make only Snap'' then the Ubuntu based Distro's must see what they will do. Linux Mint can say, that they ''Stop'' and they can switch to her Backup LMDE. But not every Distro Developer have such a Backup. So, they have to think about that - including the Zorin's. Maybe they have already a Plan. We will see.

In that regard The Linux Mint team is smart having LDME just in case.

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I found that I use LMDE because it still has a 32-bit version available. I still need to use it from time to time. Ubuntu and anything based on it is a no go for 32-bit.
I used the 32-bit version of Zorin 15 until its end of life because it worked very well. I would love to go back if possible.

Well there would be soon an immutable distribution based on Debian sid that could be a nice based for Zorin OS : Vanilla OS.
Vanilla OS have developed their tools in an distribution agnostic way.
The immutable system is called ABRoot. So, it could be possible to choose a Debian LTS with ABRoot only (instead of the whole Vanilla OS distribution) as a base, switching from Ubuntu (snap pbm and so on).

Vanilla OS ... To be honest, I don't think, that this immutable Thing is the right Base for Zorin. But Vanilla OS ist a good Example - beneath Mint - for switching the Base from Ubuntu to Debian.

One Thing in the Install-Process was interesting: I saw in a Video that you can in a Installation Step choose what Programs do you want to install. That is a nice Feature I think.

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An immutable OS would not serve the purpose of Zorin OS as Zorin seeks to create a friendly environment for Windows and Mac users. Since an immutable OS is... immutable... it cannot be mutated into what Zorin OS is.

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