The Future of Zorin OS

Linux Do Save Me on obsolete laptop


Thanks and keep up the good work! ZorinOS has allowed me to make Linux my daily driver and fully get rid of everything Microsoft and Apple. Also as a gamer I really look forward to the new versions. When I do tech jobs, I always suggest ZorinOS as an option to customers. Thanks again for the reassurance! :smiley:


Let him know. Lol

That is true a Devuan is difficult? I reading Devuan is Sysvinit a battle with Systemd.
I saw kde also and more prefer from gnome.

Devuan used to have option of gnome fallback (flashback?) but default DE is xfce, and is what comes with live version. At install you can add Cinnamon, MATE, Plasma DE's. It is not difficult at all. SysVinit comes up for you to select at point of install.
You click on spanner in 3.1.1 to choose DE to login to. In Devuan 4.0, the login screen is pretty much same as Zorin with cog to change to different DE.

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Devuan I saw is near installation Slackware.
I reading many people sayed have more fps on not premium graphic cards. What I reading last time about linux distributions arch is for hobbies and rolling release.
Ubuntu,Debian,Mint they are stable with older packages from 6 months to 2 years or older. On 20 years they have 3000 exploits.
Fedora rolling release, On 20 years they have 1000 exploits.
More security and somewhere reading Linus Torvalds using him on a computer. He never used Ubuntu and Debian because they are to difficult and complicated.

That was an old YouTube video. If I was able to choose it would be Artix Linux every time, jus doesn't work with my Canon all-in-one. Very limited printer choice. Plus Artix no longer dependent on Arch repos. They have their own. One thing I was warned about with Arch based distros is that after major updates passwords can get scrubbed.

I am patient.
In next 6 months can chaanging many things like we know linux distributions changing every day some things and ideas.
Zorin is fork and sometimes trying diffrent distro is good choice.

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