The game does not run on the nvidia 550 driver

I have an nvidia rtx 3060 and I put the nvidia 550 driver version on it and the games didn't start, but when I put the driver 535 back, they started, this is strange for me, someone had a program like this


Try install the 550 driver, then run the command:

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -Ga
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after that the games won't start and I don't understand why

That's why I ask to install the 550 driver and run these two commands. Please post output of it.

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The first thing I did was to install the nvidia 550 driver version and run it only after that, but it still wasn't good

We understand that, but you need to install it and run the command I posted, so we can find the error and possible a solution.

I've had bad experiences running the 550 driver on my GTX 960 too, as apparently Nvidia broke their OpenGL drivers in that update. The next update that should hopefully fix this is gonna be ~15th of May, 2024.

There is one solution, and one workaround:
As a solution, just downgrade back to 545 or earlier for now.

The workaround

You can add these environment variables to any games you play that use OpenGL (that'll be many of them):


For example, in steam launch options you paste ↑ this in, and end with %COMMAND%:


This will make the game run with MESA Drivers, and use Zink for OpenGL Rendering. I've used this to play Minecraft, ULTRAKILL, Portal 1&2 and other games without any issues with the newer drivers.

You might want to make sure everything is up-to-date:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y # to update the system
flatpak update # to update libraries and runtimes for some applications.

For snap applications, automatic updates are forced.

I checked that everything is up-to-date and I tried to insert the steam launch options, but the games don't start the same way

I first installed the 550 driver and then entered the command, but it didn't work either

You need to learn how to get help. IF a command didn't work, you post the output of it - or taken a screenshot of it. Please run the two commands and show us the output. But @anon2532484 seems to have the solution for you - use the previous nvidia driver until nvidia fixes their driver.

I'm sorry, I just started learning linux and I don't know how the terminal works yet, but I promise I'll pay more attention to what they write to me next time

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and also the word linux